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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Details

Howard M Temin

Title: American Cancer Society, Rusch, and Steenbock Professor
Affiliation:   University of Wisconsin
    McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
    450 N. Randall Street
    Madison, Wisconsin 53706 USA
Gender:   Male

Year Deceased:   1994
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Award Discipline:   Biological Sciences
Award Year:   1992
Citation:   "For his demonstration of the existence of RNA-directed DNA synthesis, leading to the discovery of proto-oncogenes within eukaryotic cells and the role of such genes in oncogenesis by viruses and other agents, laying the foundation for our knowledge of the replication of HIV, changing our ideas about evolution, and providing vital technology for genetic engineering and human gene therapy."
    Presented by President Bush at a White House ceremony on June 23, 1992.
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Nobel Laureate:   Physiology or Medicine, 1975


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