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43. Speech Recognition Technology - Nifty 50

Mouth and microphone

Much of the early research leading to the development of speech activation and recognition technology was funded by NSF and the Defense Department's DARPA.

This technology has helped computer users with physical disabilities in their use of and ability to communicate via computers and e-mail as well as to control other devices.

Much of the initial research, performed with NSF funding, was conducted in the 1980s. This research led to further product development from Dragon, AT&T, IBM and other companies.

Continuing research

NSF continues to fund ongoing research that focuses on ways to develop natural interactions with computers using speech.

This eventually will move beyond data entry to actual interactive dialogue with data access and interactive problem solving. Growth in this area continues and demand from the public is strong.

While problems still exist, it is estimated tens of thousands of users are now benefiting from this technology.

Original publication date: April 2000

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