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NSF-Approved Formats for the Biographical Sketch

The mandate to use SciENcv only for preparation of the biographical sketch will go into effect for new proposals submitted or due on or after October 23, 2023. In the interim, proposers may continue to prepare and submit this document via use of SciENcv or the NSF fillable PDF. NSF, however, encourages the community to use SciENcv prior to the October 2023 implementation.

NSF requires a biographical sketch for each individual identified as senior personnel. See the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) Chapter II.D.2.h(i) for complete coverage on the content and formatting requirements for the biographical sketch.

A table entitled, NSF Pre-award and Post-award Disclosures Relating to the Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support, has been developed to provide helpful reference information regarding pre-award and post-award disclosure information in the biographical sketch and current and pending support proposal sections. The table identifies where these disclosures must be provided in proposals as well as in project reports.

Senior personnel are required to certify that the information is current, accurate, and complete. This includes, but is not limited to, information related to domestic and foreign appointments and positions. The certification language is included on both the NSF fillable PDF and SciENcv template.

Approved formats for creating biographical sketches are:

  • SciENcv - This format will be required beginning October 23, 2023. NSF has partnered with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to use SciENcv: Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae as an NSF-approved format for use in preparation of the biographical sketch section of an NSF proposal. Adoption of a single, common researcher profile system for Federal grants reduces administrative burden for researchers. SciENcv will produce an NSF-compliant PDF version of the biographical sketch. Proposers must save these documents and submit them as part of their proposals via or
  • NSF Fillable PDF - This format will be available through October 22, 2023. Beginning October 23, 2023, use of SciENcv only will be required. NSF is providing a fillable PDF for use in preparation of the biographical sketch. Proposers should download and save the blank PDF document prior to adding content. NSF recommends both Mac and Windows users open and fill in the blank PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Reader for an optimized experience. The completed and saved PDF can then be uploaded via or


For system-related questions, please contact NSF Help Desk at 1-800-381-1532 or Policy-related questions regarding the content of the formats should be directed to