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ocean water in a pipe hole with text on top The deep brought to you by NSF

Ocean Discoveries Brought to You by NSF

We live in an age of discovery.

Humans may have mapped and explored much of the world’s continental terrain, but roughly 80 percent of this planet remains mysterious. Our oceans and waterways affect our weather, our atmosphere, where we live, what we eat and countless other aspects of our lives. But we still have so much to discover about the oceans and seafloor.

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alternate world with text, your world brought to you by NSF

Game-changing Technologies Brought to You by NSF

The National Science Foundation is closer than you think. Spend time texting, tweeting, talking or browsing on a mobile device? Smartphones are jam-packed with technologies generated from NSF-funded basic research. Thanks to NSF, you can surf, even if you can’t swim. NSF helped create the superhighway that became the Internet, and, it also gave us Google.

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visualization of Internet connections in the United States with text on top Innovation brought to you by NSF

12 irreplaceable innovations made possible by NSF

Before the internet was commercialized, before your phone was smart, before there was a picture of a black hole, there was an NSF-funded researcher pursuing their curiosity. NSF-funded research has laid the foundation for many of the groundbreaking discoveries and game-changing technologies we know today.

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