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Biology - An overview of NSF research
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5 Ribosome

A cellular machine known as the ribosome builds proteins according to mRNA instructions. Ribosomes "read" the mRNA code and enlist other molecules to build the called-for protein from a store of amino acids free floating outside the nucleus. The ribosome links the corresponding amino acids together into a protein chain. A typical ribosome is made of at least 50 proteins and several RNA molecules. NSF-supported researchers are examining many of those components and hope someday to understand how each helps the ribosome build proteins.

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1. Cell Membrane 2. Nucleus 3. DNA 4. RNA 5. Ribosome 6. Protein 7. Endoplasmic Reticulum 8. Mitochondria
A Tour of the Cell
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Credit: Nicolle Rager, National Science Foundation