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Evaluation and Assessment Capability (EAC)


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The mission of the EAC is to provide NSF with the capacity to operate from a basis of evidence in policy decisions. EAC provides centralized support and resources for data collection, analytics, and the design of evaluation studies and surveys. These activities enable NSF to more consistently evaluate the impacts of its investments, to make more data-driven decisions, and to establish a culture of evidence-based planning and policy-making.

NSF Evaluation Performance Goal

Enable consistent evaluation of the impact of NSF investments with a high degree of rigor and independence.

FY 2016 EAC Performance Targets

Evaluation framework includes: (1) criteria for what constitutes evidence, (2) processes and methods for obtaining such evidence, (3) how evidence can be analyzed, synthesized and used to determine both direction and degree of progress toward desired objectives in complex, adaptive situations.

Overview of EAC Activities