OISE Regional and Country Contacts

Use the Regional Contact alias when questions are not country specific. Contact a program officer directly for country-specific issues. If a country/economy is not listed, use the appropriate regional contact.


Country Program Officer Contact E-mail
Australia Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
Brazil Jong-on Hahm jhahm@nsf.gov
Canada Claire Hemingway chemingw@nsf.gov
Chile Khershed Cooper khcooper@nsf.gov
China Bridget Turaga bturaga@nsf.gov
Denmark (+Greenland) Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
Egypt Khershed Cooper khcooper@nsf.gov
European Union Abiodun Ilumoka ailumoka@nsf.gov
Finland Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
France Jong-on Hahm jhahm@nsf.gov
Germany Khershed Cooper khcooper@nsf.gov
Iceland Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
India Bridget Turaga bturaga@nsf.gov
Ireland Abiodun Ilumoka ailumoka@nsf.gov
Israel Khershed Cooper khcooper@nsf.gov
Italy Jong-on Hahm jhahm@nsf.gov
Japan Anne Emig aemig@nsf.gov
Mexico Jong-on Hahm jhahm@nsf.gov
Netherlands Jong-on Hahm jhahm@nsf.gov
New Zealand Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
Norway Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
Russia Maija Kukla mkukla@nsf.gov
Spain Jong-on Hahm jhahm@nsf.gov
South Africa Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
South Korea Khershed Cooper khcooper@nsf.gov
Sweden Keith Chanon kchanon@nsf.gov
Switzerland Khershed Cooper khcooper@nsf.gov
United Kingdom Roxanne Nikolaus rnikolau@nsf.gov



Country Contact E-mail
Africa (Sub-Saharan) anesainfo@nsf.gov
Americas (including Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, South, and Central America) amerinfo@nsf.gov
East and South Asia and Pacific eapinfo@nsf.gov
Europe and Eurasia (including European Commission and Central Asia) eeinfo@nsf.gov
Middle East and North Africa menainfo@nsf.gov

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